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Mistress DarkRose Dungeon Brisbane BDSM Dominatrix


I don’t have to tell you I’m powerful – true power as a Mistress comes from the ability to tease out your willingness to serve Me…

Introducing a Professional and Friendly Domme: Experience the Thrill of Intensity

Discover a world where professionalism meets genuine warmth. I am an longstanding LIfestyle and Professional Domme with well over 15 years of experience.   My best tools are My intuition, maturity, sense of fun, and My natural ability to create suspense.

With a keen understanding of your limits, I will guide you to new heights, leaving you satisfied and fulfilled as you please your Mistress. Your cravings will be indulged, and that lingering itch delightfully scratched.

Since I met My first kinky partner in 2008, I have immersed Myself in the lifestyle of domination, refining My skills to ensure safety and effectiveness in delivering sensation. Specializing in “intensity,” I excel in the arts of impact, medical play, breath control and corporal punishment. As a self-proclaimed Sadist, I relish the opportunity to challenge you with My unique style of “FUNishment,” armed with My extensive collection of canes and impact toys.

As a BDSM purist, I hold utmost respect for My skills and demeanor. Yet I am also friendly, caring, and genuinely easy to spend time with. Your well-being is My priority, and you will find solace in the safe and non-judgemental atmosphere I create.


Take the plunge and experience captivating intensity firsthand. Be prepared for a challenge, but trust that you will surprise yourself in My presence.  Having such an accomplished career allows Me to think on My feet and tailor a spontaneous, easy and consummate experience just for you. 

My natural ability to “join the dots” will keep you in the play space (subspace) you crave – and the time will fly – it always does when we’re having fun. 

Located in Hendra, a mere 4km north of Brisbane’s CBD and close to Brisbane Airport and the Gateway Arterial, My private dungeon awaits, meticulously designed to ensure your utmost comfort and discretion.

I travel around Queensland and NT – mainly to coach couples, but I do see individual clients as well.

My fees, travel dates and primary interests are listed on My Services page.

I do not offer full service. 






Message Me today if you want to experience true Domination.

Available 9 – 9 daily by appointment

Text Me on0499 978 955 or email Me to book


PLEASE NOTE: Although I am a lifestyle Mistress, I am not looking for personal slaves or submissives at the moment.


mistress darkrose dungeon brisbane

 Thank you Mistress, for such an awesome experience.  I’d procrastinated for months about seeing a mistress, it’s been burning me for some time, but I didn’t know what to expect.  I’d see vids on femdom and researched bdsm stuff on the internet so I had some idea of what turned me on, but I never expected the range of experiences you gave me for my first time. 

The flogging was an intense sensation, but not too severe that it left any marks, and the idea of being restrained made me nervous, but you were very reassuring, showing me how quickly you could undo those ropes if I got panicky.  Once you blindfolded me, I felt like I was in a different world, and didn’t even notice the ropes. The stuff you did to my cock and balls, I can’t even BEGIN to describe how amazing it all was. 

I’ve never experienced such sensations before, you had my toes curling.  It’ll be a long time before I forget how awesome it was.  ….. I am your grateful slave.  s

mistress darkrose dungeon brisbane

Awesome experience, thank you, Mistress!  I admit I was pretty apprehensive when I arrived at Your place and saw all that equipment in Your dungeon, but You made me feel at ease quickly.  Your friendly attitude gave me the confidence to try new stuff, and I am glad I did. 

I lost all track of time and space, and was swept away by all those new sensations (yes, some pretty intense, but no more than I could handle). 


At the end of it, I felt like I’d been in ecstasy for hours, and there wasn’t a mark on me.  But the memory will burn for a long time.  …. You are a true professional.

Text Me on 0499 978 955 or email Me to book