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World Class Domina Brisbane

World Class Domina Brisbane, book an appointment today with Mistress Dark Rose at her Brisbane Dungeon.

A client recently wrote to Me after our first session and referred to Me as a “World Class Domina”.

I was quite chuffed.  Many clients often tell Me what a great session they had, and I have a long list of appreciative slaves and masos I see on a regular basis – it’s like catching up with old friends, the ones who like getting a beating lol

World Class Domina Brisbane


But this client stood out for a few reasons…

Firstly he was well traveled and sophisticated, well spoken, a true gentleman.  His manners were impeccable and he treated Me with what I can only describe as “true devotion” to My sex and My craft.

But what stood out most noticeably for Me was, when he first arrived and I welcomed him into My dungeon, he shook so violently with fear that he could barely follow My instructions or look in My direction.

Instinctively, I did what I knew would calm his nerves – I put a collar on him.

The effect was instantaneous.  He went from an incoherent, shaking mess to a confident, eager and devoted servant, head bowed, ready to begin.

Every blow was met with genuine appreciation, and his tolerance certainly pleased Me no end.  It’s common knowledge I’m a proud Sadist, and this man, although not masochistically inclined, was willing to do anything for his Mistress’ pleasure.  I was delighted.

He told Me he had been visiting fetish establishments around the world for over 40 years in his travels as an engineer.  But since retiring, he had been disappointed at not being able to find a genuinely skilled Dominatrix.  He was willing to go great distances to see a proper Mistress but, like many, Covid had stifled his travel plans.

Imagine his delight at finding Me, practically on his doorstep!  As confident I felt that he would return, I was not sure how much of an impression I had made, until he wrote to Me some weeks later.   As with all My clients’ reviews, he has given Me permission to share his words…

World Class Domina Brisbane

“Dear Mistress Dark Rose

It was my absolute pleasure to spend time in Your dungeon recently.  I hope I didn’t make too poor a showing when I first arrived. 

May I say I have visited many dungeons and seen many amazing Dominatrices over my lifetime, but my visit with You dulls the memories of those past experiences.  It’s so obvious how much You love what You do.  You are subtle and gracious and Your intuition and skills are penultimate. 

Please accept the gratitude of this discerning slave as one who knows the value of a World Class Domina.  I do hope You will see me again soon.  Your humble slave, g.”

World Class Domina Brisbane

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