Why choose Me to be your Mistress?

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her Aspley dungeon…….

Why choose Me to be your Mistress?

First do no harm.  That’s Rule No 1 in BDSM.

Rule No 2 is “safe, sane and consensual”. 

Mistresses who are experienced in this lifestyle know and practice these rules.  There are no exceptions. 

Why take the risk with dodgy “pretenders” when an EXPERIENCED Mistress can tailor a unique, satisfying and memorable session for you?

Ask yourself these questions when deciding on which Mistress to trust with your naked, restrained and vulnerable self….

  1. Does Mistress have a website – is She serious enough about Her profession to have invested time and money in Her business?
  2. Does She have photos?
  3. Is She discrete, will my privacy be protected?
  4. Does She have a dungeon?
  5. Is Her dungeon well-equipped?
  6. Is She skilled?
  7. Does She have credibility / longevity in this lifestyle?
  8. Is She mature, intuitive and responsible?

Looks have nothing to do with your personal safety.  If your so-called “Mistress” can’t answer yes to these questions, then by all means, go ahead – take a chance.   If you want some pretty little “BDSM friendly” escort who might give you a spanking or worse, tie you up or attempt sounding with something she bought at a sex shop, go right ahead. 

If they don’t take their business seriously, why should you?