mistress darkrose brisbane bdsm

Sometimes I forget how daunting it is to see a Mistress for the first time.  You’re excited and scared, not sure what to expect, how intense it will be or what that Mistress has in mind for you.  Is She any good, is She too hard core, or too soft?  Will She leave marks?  Will I please Her?


If you’ve done your homework and studied Her website, hopefully you will have an idea of what to expect.  And of course, BDSM is always (without exception) SAFE, SANE and CONSENSUAL  – a proper Mistress will have this credo foremost in Her mind.

Presentation is paramount – your first impressions are crucial so don’t dismiss them.  If you don’t receive a friendly welcome, Her dungeon is dirty, disorganised, uncomfortable or amateurish – these are signs of Her ability/attitude towards Her craft – maybe She isn’t for you.  Just because you made a booking doesn’t mean you’re committed to stay.  Follow your instincts.  If alarm bells are ringing, explain your concerns and make a polite exit.

mistress darkrose brisbane bdsm

When someone comes to see Me for a session, we sit down and have a conversation about health, expectations, previous experiences and how things are going in your life generally – stressors, relationship issues etc.  All these conditions can impact a session so it’s best to know them up front.

Once I know your situation, limits, interests etc, I will describe how I see our session playing out.  Once we’ve agreed, that’s when the clock starts for the time you booked with Me.  We’ll spend time on different activities – if they don’t prove to be of much interest to you, we’ll skip over them and devote more time to the ones that really press your buttons.

Safety is paramount to Me, and I explain everything I’m doing as we go.  You have the opportunity to ask anything you like and give Me feedback throughout our session – it’s an education for you, and a way for Me to give back to a lifestyle and community I love.

And the most important thing of course is We have FUN!  Why else would you do it?

mistress darkrose brisbane bdsm



“I asked for a good spanking and that is what MDR gave me. I have known and allowed MDR to play with me since 2015, either impact play or dressing me up as a sissy. I have always come away fulfilled. And a tad marked lol

MDR is both beautiful and a hard taskmaster with a caring soul. I would invite anyone to visit and have the pleasure of Her domination.” slave m (2022)

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