Unsolicited advertisement for Mistress Dark Rose

I came across this supposed “advertisement” today when I did a Google search.   Some mob called http://au.skokka.com found My ads and did a pathetic “cut and paste” job to promote their own site, without My knowledge.

While I’m the first one to admit I have a penchant for shameless self-promotion, I baulked at the poor use of grammar.

They say even bad publicity is publicity, but that’s no excuse for bad grammar or spelling.  Call Me old fashioned, but I have standards…..

Here’s how it was put together…….Naturally, I contacted them to remove it. It took some persistence, but it’s now gone.  Good riddance!

Evil Mistress Dark Rose

Professional dominatrix will take you on a journey you’ll never forget… Fully equiped dungeon just 20 mins from Brisbane’s centre….
I will respect your tastes and limits, you dont’t have to worry about nothing.
Text me for more info and bookings