The tide is turning for Mistress Dark Rose’s chastity slave t

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private dungeon…..

It seems the tide is turning for chastity slave t, whose ribs are nearly healed.  Obviously he must be better, as the taunts resumed.  His attempts at cheekiness won’t go unnoticed though, once the Keyholder is in closer proximity……beware!

He’s even crafted My impending response for Me.  Here it is…

Move is complete, there’s no retreat, complete control having you locked.
Order restored, seems you ignored, my determined ways whilst you mocked.
Vanquished by Me, minus spare key, behaving as if you’re shell shocked.
Enforced stripping, now a whipping, and yes you are going home frocked.
And it seems he’s been doing his research whilst supposedly “free”.