mistress darkrose bdsm testimonials

https://mistressdarkrose.com/servicesA few words from Mistress Dark Rose

It always pleases Me when clients take the time to express their gratitude. 

Sometimes their feedback is a complete surprise, during our sessions they may have been quiet, reserved and naturally subdued. I have many more in My Blog page – cos who doesn’t love a good story.

I’ve been doing this a long time and many sessions are still as clear in My mind as the day they took place.   Establishing that deep connection is something I do naturally, but it’s always nice to hear back from satisfied slaves and masos, especially the masos lol x

mistress darkrose bdsm testimonials

Dear Mistress Dark Rose

It was my absolute pleasure to spend time in Your dungeon recently.  I hope I didn’t make too poor a showing when I first arrived. 

May I say I have visited many dungeons and seen many amazing Dominatrices over my lifetime, but my visit with You dulls the memories of those past experiences.  It’s so obvious how much You love what You do.  You are subtle and gracious and Your intuition and skills are penultimate. 

Please accept the gratitude of this discerning slave as one who knows the value of a World Class Domina.  I do hope You will see me again soon.  Your humble slave, g.


Hi Mistress,
Thanks for being a gracious host this Arvo. Probably been ten or fifteen years since my last session. Apologies for being a wuss, fantasy is much less painful than reality.lol. I knew from the first cane stroke, that I was in the right place. Witnessing the cane being administered on your own bottom was a highlight to me. Standing/ bending whilst side on and next to the mirror, watching the action unfold, in real time…so so cool. Especially cool considering its made the top five, in the wank bank section of my brain.lol.
I also loved checking out the stripes with you in the mirror…my lilly white arse, had welts raising whilst crimsoning before our very eyes. Being able to see how much of a swing you took and the speed generated… mesmerising. You kept asking if I was ready, there was never any chance of me being surprised…I was watching you like a hawk.
The way I mark up, there could be a new career for me as a bottom model..I might have to put my blossoming foot model career on hold and re-evaluate.  Thanks again Mistress Dark 🌹
mistress darkrose bdsm testimonials
“I asked for a good spanking and that is what MDR gave me. I have known and allowed MDR to play with me since 2015, either impact play or dressing me up as a sissy. I have always come away fulfilled. And a tad sore lol 
MDR is both beautiful and a hard taskmaster with a caring soul. I would invite anyone to visit and have the pleasure of Her domination.” slave m 2022
mistress darkrose bdsm testimonials


Dear Mistress Dark Rose

I can’t thank you enough for allowing me and my slave access to your wonderful dungeon recently. He certainly was overwhelmed by all that amazing equipment. I must admit, not having a dungeon of my own, I was a little wary of the experience too, but you put us both at ease so quickly, we felt like old friends. Having you guide me through basic restraint, sounding and CBT really has boosted my confidence with my slave. Also your wicked sense of humour, suspense and timing really heightened the experience for both of us, with unexpectedly pleasant results. And the time just flew! We are looking forward to treating ourselves again soon. Thank you so much.

Mistress K and slave b

mistress darkrose bdsm testimonials
Dear Mistress Dark Rose
I just wanted to reach out and thank you. We had a session in October 2018 and it was a key experience for my spiritual journey.
I remember, I was a mess when I arrived… I was late and scared… you were really ‘gentle’ and in hindsight should have handled me much tougher…
However, we opened a channel and I received messages which since then changed my life. It was your guidance and assistance which aided to open these channels. I just wanted to thank you for this precious service and gift, even though it has been more than two years since we met. Since our paths crossed, I had more profound channeling experiences and I remembered ‘my’ name in a dream a couple of nights ago. It reminded me to reach out to you and thank you for helping me on my path.
It is probably not a secret that I am not a natural sub but it would be a great honour to have another session with you one day where I can stand tall, fully surrendering to you knowing who I am and that I can take on anything).  m
mistress darkrose bdsm testimonials

Awesome experience, thank you, Mistress!

I admit I was pretty apprehensive when I arrived at Your place and saw all that equipment in Your dungeon, but You made me feel at ease quickly. Your friendly attitude gave me the confidence to try new stuff, and I am glad I did. I lost all track of time and space, and was swept away by all those new sensations (yes, some pretty intense, but no more than I could handle). At the end of it, I felt like I’d been in ecstasy for hours, and there wasn’t a mark on me.

But the memory will burn for a long time. Thank you again, Mistress. I can’t wait to see what You have in store for me on my next visit. You are a true professional.


Dear Mistress

Thanks once again for such a brilliant birthday session.

Starting out with a severe flogging took my breath away, but it was wonderful.
The paddles came next, but the spiked one really got my attention.

https://roserichie.comNasty New Zealand pegs had me begging for them to come off, as soon as they went on. I guess you used your crop to flick them off to speed up the process (lol). Spiked gloves and that wicked, wicked spiky roller just blew me away.

The ball kicking had me on the floor so fast it wasn’t funny, but all present had a great laugh at my feeble attempts to take a few high kicks. The ball crusher was great too.

The nipple and cock vacuum tubes were a huge hit with the guests.

Loved the metal arse spreader, too. It did its job, widening me enough for the electric butt plug. It was big, painful but wonderful. Added to the “sounding”, it was perfect CBT. I loved the way you kept changing the settings, all the while turning it up. You played me like a scream producing machine, to everyone’s amusement.

We had such a great night. If i have forgotten anything, it is because it was just a huge “fun-fest” from start to finish.

Miss D and our guests had such a great time, and we also learnt a lot along the way. i learnt that i could take a lot more than i thought, when the atmosphere is right and the Dommes are having fun; and they are not interested in my pleading words, just reading my body reactions and judging just how far i could be taken.

Once again, thank you for a wonderful time.

slave m (for Miss D)