Such considerate slaves – what a lucky Mistress I am!

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private Aspley dungeon……

I am a lucky Mistress, to have such devoted and considerate slaves.  Even slave c, who couldn’t attend My recent CFnm luncheon, couldn’t help but send a lovely follow-up message.  

Hi Mistress,

I hope the tea party went well, I couldn’t get out of work early and I had to have my son straight after work too.

Seems harder and harder to get to events with shift work and being a single dad, lol.

Hope to drop by one day and check out your new place, the pics look great.

Be good and well done on the pro dom venture, I’m sure you will keep those lads in line.

slave c


Don’t worry, slave c, I’m hosting another one in three months, so we’ll make sure you get your cute little toochie to that one.