slave t’s journey into chastity – Day 22 with Mistress Dark Rose as Keyholder and Captor of the serpent

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private Aspley dungeon….

Day 22 for slave t’s chastity journey – he’s a tough nut to crack, but will WILL win.  hehe


From: slave t
Date: 9 September 2015 5:20:21 pm AEST
Lock remains closed, Her will imposed, wickedness that defies belief.
Oppressive hold, making me fold, no access to defence or brief.
Cock’s rebelling, often swelling, for twenty days nothing but grief.
Keyholders sure, slave can endure, at least double before relief


On Tuesday, 8 September 2015, 23:19, MISTRESS DARK ROSE wrote:
Your attempts to defy Mistress may not abate 
Yet it is She who is will determine the serpent’s fate
Mistress is as stubborn as She is strict
Forthcoming release impossible to predict
A review needed it is agreed
The date has not yet been decreed

On 7 Sep 2015, at 5:58 pm, slave t wrote:

Date to arrange, freedom or change?, unlocking then scratching an itch.
Aspleys the place, to review case, will Judge want more time to bewitch.
Transfer She grants, knickers for pants, no mercy whilst enforcing switch.
Exit still locked, taunted and mocked, better drive carefully you bitch.


On Saturday, 5 September 2015, 17:54, MISTRESS DARK ROSE wrote:
Mistress is pleased the worm is still bound 
To be freed at Her whim
But Her resolve is still sound 
The key won’t turn yet 
For the date’s not been set
So the serpent will not be unwound