Slave t writes Mistress Dark Rose poems about chastity

Mistress Dark Rose writes from her private Aspley dungeon…..

Slave t wrote Me this lovely poem about chastity.  I am not sure what amuses Me most, his poetic humour or his obvious reticence over the rigors of chastity……

Dare to commit, thinking of it, hands tremble as nerves churn inside.

A huge debate, surely checkmate, once keyholder locks macho pride.

Restless serpent, will face torment, much swelling and straining inside.

Endless despair, Mistress won’t care, complete control whilst it’s denied.


And here’s a follow-up, after he’d done some more research on My Holy Trainer…

Holy trainer, tight restrainer, no padlock or combination.
Outlaws denied, fun nullified, victim of self fascination.
Losing my mind, staying confined, defies all imagination.
Yet i admit, one should submit, to keyholder’s domination.
And ANOTHER!  I am feeling very spoilt…..
Chastity slave, nothing can save
me from this bizarre enticement.
Head is spinning, dark force winning,
paving the way to enslavement.
A no brainer, holy trainer,
short cell brings tightest confinement.
Serpent chastised, shaved and downsized,
resenting its predicament.
Troublesome times, composing rhymes,
avoiding total commitment.
Inside nerves churn, reply could turn
tempting into forced recruitment.
Tremble and squirm, early bird’s worm
faces a daunting appointment.
Yielding to Her, shocking transfer,
manhood is Domme’s new acquirement.
 I didn’t realise you could actually write an anthology on the woes of chastity!  Here’s another instalment….
Days seem endless, nights are restless, proud rebels incarceration.
A huge conflict, as shaved convict, reacts to slightest temptation.
Yearnings fill cell, heaven then hell, excitement leads to frustration.
Stressful knowing, Domme is showing, no signs to end desperation.