slave t finally succumbs to chastity – Mistress Dark Rose sends him home locked snugly in the Holy Trainer

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private Aspley dungeon….

At last, after all his ministrations, slave t FINALLY succumbed to My power and went home snugly locked in his chastity device, the Holy Trainer, a terrific light and almost fool-proof device I purchased recently at Black Rabbit Premium Leather (thanks Alex!). 

Here’s a little pictorial history of how things went today

Ready to start, restrained so no backing out now, slave t


Shaved with a pretty pink ladies trimmer – how appropriate!


A little ball-stretching and electrical stimulation to liven things up and make your last release a memorable one

Your last release over and done with – better start counting the days until your next one, slave t.  It may be quite a while!

Your little worm’s new home – nice tight fit, isn’t it?  It’ll be tighter when your little worm wakes you up tomorrow morning, won’t it?