slave t already in chastity – even without his device on

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private dungeon…..

Funny how you don’t need a device to be under the control of a Mistress.  slave t is VERY preoccupied with his chastity, even without wearing his device, it seems!  Here’s our latest exchanges…..

From: slave t
Date: 6 November 2015 4:04:11 am AEST

Worm to caress, knowing Mistress, wants to prevent coexisting.
Outlaw is mine, plans to confine, will see Your target resisting.
Ruthless intent, at appointment, enslaved if You keep persisting.
Macho defeat, locking complete, driving home with knickers twisting.



On Thursday, 5 November 2015, 14:20, MISTRESS DARK ROSE wrote:
As Keyholder gets nearer
Her intention is clearer
To cause the worm much distress
Whether gently caressed
Or roughly stripped and womanly dressed

It will once again be the property of your Mistress.