Sissy p back for more – with Mistress Dark Rose in Her Aspley dungeon

Mistress Dark Rose writes…

Back for more nipple torture, sissy p?  Well, I certainly had a few surprises up My sleeve, as I promised I would. 

Quite proud of your efforts with the vacuum pump, especially on your nipples – not too many can get up over 700psi on those things! 
I will be sure to let Alex at Black Rabbit know how some of My latest investments performed. 



Mistress offering chastity and keyholder services in Brisbane – Special thanks to Black Rabbit Premium Leather

Mistress Dark Rose writes….

I’ve been approached by a few slaves now asking whether I provide chastity training and keyholder services. 

And the answer is a resounding YES!  CD training is an integral part of control and I specialise in control.

Thanks to Black Rabbit Premium Leather for supplying the Holy Trainer, the best, lightest, sturdiest and most practical CD I’ve encountered in years!  Many thanks Alex. 



sissy p gets some social intergration at Mistress Dark Rose’s recent fetish party

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private Aspley dungeon……

As many of My fellow kinksters know, I host awesome fetish parties every few weeks. 

Sissy p was lucky enough to get an invite, and to prove his mettle, offered himself up for some heavy caning and cropping in My dungeon after dinner.  The resounding smack of leather on skin made My dungeon walls shudder.  You certainly are a diehard, sissy p.  And the consummate nipple slut.  Although the smacks with My crop certainly made them a bit more sensitive than usual, didn’t they? 


Impossible to draw a perfect circle

From Mistress Dark Rose in her Aspley dungeon…….

What makes it so hard to draw a perfect circle?  I start off with the best intentions, but not too displeased with My efforts.  Thanks to My sweet little slave e, whose bottom heralded such lovely scratches after our needle play.  Smacks on needles = blood + pain + scratches.  Who’d have thought?



Boots boots boots

Mistress Dark Rose writes…..

Getting ready for another session of boot worship.  And aren’t THESE beauties worthy of worship!  Crotch high black PVC fetish boots with eight inch platform heels.  Custom made for Me. 

PS I’ve also just acquired My latest pair in purple, with nine inch platform heels.  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm




Catheterisation with Mistress Dark Rose in Her Aspley dungeon

Mistress Dark Rose writes….

I had stopped doing catheterisations as it was getting very costly, however on the insistence of slave n, I found single use ones that were quite reasonable, so I will be adding this skill back into My repertoire.  Slave n got plenty of new and interesting experiences in Mistress Dark Rose’s dungeon today! 

Thanks to slave n, for persisting with your requests for a catheter, and for wearing those silky stockings I love so much.  Slutty pink really does suit you.