Gruelling treatment for truant school boys – Mistress Dark Rose and Mistress Aleena are sticklers for corporal punishment


Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private dungeon……

I recently acquired an old school desk to add to My perverted collection, much to the delight of slave i, who booked a lengthy double session some months back.  Everything came together just in time, as he had not actually described his fantasy in any detail until the day before his appointment.

Luckily My wicked cohort, Mistress Aleena, picked up the truant little schoolboy before he managed to get too far, tethered him on a leash and brought him immediately to My dungeon for four hours of gruelling punishments, including corner time, writing lines, restraints of various kinds, figging (with freshly peeled ginger), cold showers, electro torture and judicial caning.


I think We demonstrated well the effectiveness of corporal punishment for errant “schoolboys”…..