Mistress Dark Rose’s naughty baby boy

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private dungeon…..

My baby boy writes….

Just checking in, did you get my reply the other night? I hope it was helpful. I’m getting excited about my next visit.  I’ve been fantasizing about it a lot recently, and it’s helping me decide the kind of experience I want 🙂 and just another thank you for being so open and helpful, especially when I poured a few darker fantasies out last e-mail, and you were okay with it all. Wasn’t sure if all of that was okay, but you made me feel the way I want to feel about it! A little scared and very excited!
Thanks again, can’t wait for next time!
Your baby boy

He was a very good baby last time, but he’s been naughty.  And everyone knows how Mistress treats naughty boys, don’t they?  hehe