Mistress Dark Rose loves Her job and appreciative clients

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private Aspley dungeon…….

I love My job, if you can call it that.  But there are some days that really stick out, and today was one of them.

The two clients I saw two days ago BOTH called Me today to thank Me for such a great first experience.  They are both experienced and have seen other Mistresses before, so I value the comparisons. 

Also, one of My lovely Melbourne clients called again today (he keeps in touch regularly) to let Me know his bruises from our session three weeks ago haven’t completed disappeared, and to plan our next session in a few weeks. 

I am devoted to providing the best service I can, and I know I do that well.  It’s just nice to have validation of My efforts. 

Thank you, gentlemen.  You made My day.  MDR