Mistress back in Brizzie

mistress back in brizzie

mistress back in brizzie again.

Back in Brizzie

After nearly five years at the Gold Coast, Mistress Dark Rose now writes from Her Brisbane north side dungeon…….

I’m back in Brizzie, My first home, with all its kinky and dark pleasures. I changed My hair colour but the biggest change is My dungeon, which is NASTIER than ever!

Conveniently located in Hendra, My brand of intensity is now widely available to anyone devoted to suffering at My hands lol  MWAH AH AH


And here’s a lovely message from a client I saw YEARS ago…..

 Dear Mistress Dark Rose
I just wanted to reach out and thank you. We had a session in October 2018 and it was a key experience for my spiritual journey.
I remember, I was a mess when I arrived… I was late and scared… you were really ‘gentle’ and in hindsight should have handled me much tougher… 
However, we opened a channel and I received messages which since then changed my life. It was your guidance and assistance which aided to open these channels. I just wanted to thank you for this precious service and gift, even though it has been more than two years since we met.
Since our paths crossed, I had more profound channeling experiences and I remembered ‘my’ name in a dream a couple of nights ago. It reminded me to reach out to you and thank you for helping me on my path.
I am still in New Zealand and currently I won’t be able to visit Australia but I hope that our paths will cross again… (it is probably not a secret that I am not a natural sub but it would be a great honour to have another session with you one day where I can stand tall, fully surrendering to you knowing who I am and that I can take on anything).  m

Are you itching to explore new territory with a fresh-faced Mistress? Well, before you get too excited, let’s remember the golden rule of BDSM: safety first, folks!


Sure, trying new things can be a thrill, but nothing kills the mood faster than a trip to the emergency room. So, if you’re going to take the plunge, make sure you do it with someone who knows their stuff and respects your boundaries.

Looking for a new Mistress can be exciting, but don’t forget the importance of safety and respect. Before choosing a Mistress, make sure they adhere to the “first do no harm” rule and the “safe, sane, and consensual” principle. And don’t be fooled by fancy advertising and impressive photos. Just because someone looks the part doesn’t mean they have the skills to back it up. Trust Me, not every Mistress is as awesome as Me.

When selecting a Mistress, consider their social media presence, privacy protection, dungeon conditions, and level of skill and credibility in the lifestyle.

Always follow your instincts during any BDSM encounter. If it doesn’t feel right, make a swift exit.


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