A Healthy Dominant

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healthy dominant mistress brisbane mistress dark rose.

The benefits of being a healthy Dominant

Who in their right mind could expect a submissive to refrain from over eating, drinking alcohol, taking drugs or smoking when they themselves are not in a position to be regarded as healthy? 

Whipping, flogging, restraining someone, and impact play in general take a lot of physical exertion. If you’re not in a position to be able to wrestle your submissive to the ground, how can you expect to truly dominate them?


Power is not so much being physical as the impression of it. Why are there so many images of large strong women standing over weak little submissive men? It’s an idyll that has been depicted in BDSM art and culture for a long long time. The domineering missus, the hen-pecked husband – all symbolic – yet they have a firm basis in physical activities, punishment, and proving devotion through suffering.  

healthy dominant mistress brisbane mistress dark rose.

Being a good Dominant is more than just physical.  It takes a well-disciplined mind to be effective.  Mindset involves real focus, often restraining oneself as a Dominant, reeling it in when the situation requires, and being able to read people, especially under duress.  

The Dominant has an obligation, particularly in the legal sense, to act responsibly towards their submissive.  Their submissive has given themselves over with wholehearted trust in their Dominant’s ability to take care of their best interests, not violate consent, and give them a desirous experience.    


Don’t get Me wrong – suspense is a Mistress’ greatest weapon, that and a precognitive sense of timing, knowing when someone is nearing their physical limits.  I think most people have good intuition, so using that in a domination setting is crucial.  

Having your wits about you is essential, so alcohol and drugs are a definite no-no.  

Mood management is also important, therefore a healthy diet and regular exercise go a long way to contributing to feeling good and reducing mental stress and distractions.  



If someone is willing to trust you 100%, can you be sure you can bring your best?  

A Mistress with a red wine in one hand and a flogger in the other makes no sense.  


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