Good old fashioned manners – Mistress Dark Rose impressed by Her new client’s presentation

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private dungeon…..

You just can’t beat old school manners.  A delightful new client presented My tribute in this beautiful card today.  He even left it blank so I could re-use it.  How thoughtful! 

I left him suitably rewarded, with some rather nasty cane strokes – marks he’ll carry with pride for a week or two.  And I look forward to seeing him again, as we arranged to do before Christmas.  He told Me I was wonderful, beautiful and extremely good at what I do.  He also sent Me this email the following day.  How could I not look forward to seeing such a well mannered, appreciative client again? 


That was very pleasant, Mistress Dark Rose.

I’ll look forward to a repeat experience…
Thanks for the Band Aids, which are still on my bottom.  A nice reminder of a great afternoon.
Your spanking technique is extraordinary!