Domination Kinkassage North Brisbane

Domination Kinkassage North Brisbane with Mistress Rose Richie Lifestyle Dominatrix

Domination Kinkassage North BrisbaneI trained with Madame Aleena Aspley many years ago.  Aleena specializes in tantra, domination, kink, sensual, erotic relaxation, fantasy, prostate pleasure and chakra activation energy bodywork.

Do you have an adventurous side and you’d like to explore something unique and different?

Domination Kinkassage is a kinky erotic journey of surrender, light BDSM, domination play, sensory deprivation, restraints, dual touch and sensual erotic relaxation. Succumb to your submissive desires with Domination Kinkassage’s indulgent sensation play.

Domination Kinkassage is the perfect introduction to light or bolder domination for novices and curious erotic adventurers who wish to embrace a new kind of up-market pleasure with restraints, domination and sensual relaxation.

Domination Kinkassage® is a high-end experience for adult men, women and adventurous couples.

Sessions can be customized to your individual needs.

Join Me in a playful session of sensory deprivation and pleasure overload.

2 hours and longer sessions are available.

Domination Kinkassage North Brisbane

KINKASSAGE® is a registered trademark of Aleena Aspley Australia / Roystejam Pty Ltd



Domination Kinkassage – Thanks for suggesting this type of session when I first saw you a few weeks ago.  I’ve always thought I had a kinky streak but didn’t know where to take it.  After our banter during my erotic massage, I had no hesitation in trusting you to manage my genteel intro to kink.  You did it in such subtle ways, I even forgot I was tied down!  I was still buzzing that night and wanted to come back the next day and do it all again!  Thanks Rose

G-Spot Kinkassage – Rose everything was perfect! You certainly know your stuff! You said it would be more intense and you sure meant it! WOW. It was mind blowing!!! Rod


Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private dungeon…..

Sometimes I forget just how daunting it must be to visit a Mistress for the first time, not so much for a first timer, as they don’t really know what to expect, but for someone who has seen other Mistresses and may or may not have had a good experience.

I’ve had My share of clients who have seen “Mistresses” in the past, but not had good experiences.  One client had an anal tear because some fool forced a toy where it wasn’t ready to go – he was in agony for weeks, too scared and embarrassed to seek medical attention.  Another was sounded so badly he had blood in his urine for days.  I was honoured he trusted Me enough to let Me use sounds on him, which he found delightfully different, I am pleased to report.

As a mature, friendly and naturally curious person, I pride Myself in being able to put My clients at ease shortly after we meet.  While suspense MAY be a Mistress’ greatest weapon, knowing when to use it is the key.  Dominance isn’t so much about dominating someone as teasing out their will to serve.

Take serious d, for example.  He had seen other Mistresses before, but remained tense for most of his session, despite him telling Me he felt quite relaxed.  I honestly didn’t think he was really enjoying his exposure to new sensations but he left beaming from ear to ear, resolved to return.

I don’t think it’s a bad thing to be uncertain about your experiences with a Mistress.  A seasoned professional will lead you on a journey of profound intensity if you place trust in their judgement.  But remember the rules.  Make sure you place your trust in someone who deserves it.