Chastity the long story

Chastity the long story

Chastity the long story by Mistress Dark Rose.

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private dungeon….

After all his ruminating, slave t finally succumbed to My power and went home snugly locked in his chastity device, the Holy Trainer, a terrific light and almost fool-proof device I purchased from Black Rabbit Premium Leather (thanks Alex!).

Here’s a little history of how things went down…

1. Ready to start, restrained so no backing out now, slave t

2. Shaved with a pretty pink ladies trimmer – how appropriate!

3. A little ball-stretching and electrical stimulation to liven things up and make your last release a memorable one

4. Your last release over and done with – better start counting the days until your next one, slave t. It may be quite a while!

5. Your little worm’s new home – nice tight fit, isn’t it?  It’ll be tighter when your little worm wakes you up tomorrow morning, won’t it?


19 August

Slave t furnished Me with a poem describing his dilemma. slave t wrote:

Week of success, thwarting Mistress, no submission or return trip.
Expect trouble, stakes will double, She likes steering the tightest ship.
Each day release, price will increase, subjected to punishing whip.
Knickers for slave, no longer brave, no escape from her iron grip.
Changing my ways, frustrating days, i’m suffering locked and downsized.
Helpless serpent, tight argument, more stressful than first realised.
Attempts to slide, out are denied, anti pullout won’t be compromised.
No release date, Domme controls fate, wanting wicked mind exorcised.


Got to accept, whilst being kept, ensures status is recognised.
It’s Her mission, full submission, then more punishments are advised.
No rights remain, driven insane, but appeals will be penalised.
Get together, She’ll wear leather, and passenger forced feminised.

26 August

Again, slave t wrote:

Cell keeps order, hugging boarder, controlling the reluctant guest.
Enslavements still, a bitter pill, long nights of discord and unrest.
Logical course, submit to force, but cunning plans often go west.
Leader can’t wait, to masturbate, or accept Her stunning conquest.






I had previously ignored the bleating, but must admit was inspired by slave t’s poetic persistence and felt a need to reply accordingly. I wrote

Unwilling guest will give you no rest
Pondering its unhappy fate
Until Mistress decrees the worm can be freed
But She will determine the date.  

And so the anthology was birthed..

For easier reading, My responses are in bold type


27 August

Cock in training, no regaining, freedom that will endorse playing.
Oppressive cell, is working well, the outlaw is certainly paying.
Collector grins, She always wins, really enjoys serpent slaying.
Knowing drama, is good karma, punishing device is staying.

28 August

Sixteen days into slave t’s chastity quest:

Mistress has me, at Her mercy, forcing slave to respect great divide.
i’m lower house, Cheshire Cats mouse, appealing and complaints denied.
Seeking release, sees time increase, soon change in tactics are tried.
Staying silent, more punishment, and pleads to explain brushed aside.

The lower house member continues to believe
It’s situation temporary
Soon the reprieve
At Keyholder’s whim
But She has no desire
So prospect looks grim


29 August

The trial continues – I’m as proud of his resolve as I am amused at his suffering.

Try to revolt, then lightning bolt, returns hopes are frazzled and fried.
Escape bids fail, no holy grail, locked device controls macho pride.
So Dommes mission, full submission, accept theres no turning the tide.
Stress is growing, fear of knowing, Keyholder has time on her side

31 August

Worm never rests, nightly protests, soon inmate starts trying to swell.
Outright despair, dream turns nightmare, tormented ones filling the cell.
Risking more pain, trying to gain, release to bid pressure farewell.
Moment of grief, still no relief, no breaking the Dommes wicked spell.

The worm will continue to struggle and throb
In hope imprisonment will finish
But rest assured, it’s doubt will endure
For Her resolve will not diminish


4 September

Four days now with no word of the worm’s plight
Mistress is concerned slave has given up the fight
Weakness has won
The device is undone
The serpent has shown its true might. 

Chastity the long story

5 September

(No freedom, was without computer for a few days. Mind You it is very tempting to break the seal on the envelope, but that would only show weakness, and although Your power base seems set in stone, You still haven’t broken me. na na na na na lol.)


Time to submit? no musn’t quit, keep resisting Dommes siren song.
I crave release, but will increase, my efforts to prove Mistress wrong.
Missing my mate, no freedom date, willpower has to remain strong.
Enduring hell, hoping Her spell, can be broken before too long.


Mistress is pleased the worm is still bound 
To be freed at Her whim
But Her resolve is still sound 
The key won’t turn yet 
For the date’s not been set
So the serpent will not be unwound 


7 September

Date to arrange, freedom or change?, unlocking then scratching an itch.
Aspleys the place, to review case, will Judge want more time to bewitch.
Transfer She grants, knickers for pants, no mercy whilst enforcing switch.
Exit still locked, taunted and mocked, better drive carefully you bitch.




8 September

Your attempts to defy Mistress may not abate
Yet it is She who will determine the serpent’s fate
Mistress is as stubborn as She is strict
Forthcoming release impossible to predict
A review needed it is agreed
The date has not yet been decreed

Chastity the long story


9 September

Day 22 for slave t’s chastity journey – he’s a tough nut to crack, but I will win. Hehe


Lock remains closed, Her will imposed, wickedness that defies belief.
Oppressive hold, making me fold, no access to defence or brief.
Cock’s rebelling, often swelling, for twenty days nothing but grief.
Keyholders sure, slave can endure, at least double before relief


12 September

Though it’s difficult to dwell
On the worm’s nightly swell 
Giving in maybe the cure
Cock must continue to wait
Contemplating its fate
Keyholder’s desire to endure


13 September

Damn this device, huge sacrifice, but really my fault i suppose.
A strange feeling, trouble dealing, with foolish decision i chose.
Maybe i can, help fellow man, with this wise advice i disclose.
Never forget, you will regret, being locked by Mistress Dark Rose


15 September

Alas, slave t’s chastity torment continues. I know his release date, but he doesn’t. Hehe

25 days, no end in sight
While the poor serpent endures its plight
Ill considered decisions hold much weight
Uncertainty governs the prisoner’s fate
While Keyholder’s will still shows Her might.

Poem Domme sent, shows She’s hell bent, on extending chastity term.
Oppressive judge, Mistress won’t budge, no mercy, just wicked and firm.
Enslaved serpent, has nearly spent, a whole month downsized to worm.
Mind to reshape, there’s no escape, deep breath as i tremble and squirm.

18 September

Four weeks dueling, its been grueling, sure glad i kept persevering.
Oppressive grip, begins to slip, now that release date is nearing.
Unlocked serpent, with Dommes consent, escaping Her domineering.
Repeat the term, will remains firm, no more foolish volunteering.

Domme will decide the appointed date
To see slave and determine the worm’s fate
Four weeks does feel like a long time
Though Keyholder is yet to define
What She feels is sufficient time.


19 September

Domme’s determined to keep the worm shut in
A release date possible only at Her whim
Habit’s form easily after time passes
And the serpent finds comfort in its new home
Struggles less disturbing as time moves on
The certainty of Her will well known.

Chastity the long story

20 September

Full submission, ruthless mission, no mercy from wicked Mistress.
Uneven match, no escape hatch, grip tighter than hydraulic press.
Limits to test, signs of unrest, will see hopes of freedom regress.
Lessons to learn, tables wont turn, its Keyholders right to oppress.

Four weeks running, Serpent’s cunning, has not escaped Mistress’ hold
Nightly swells won’t relent
Worm stays in torment
Waits for release date to unfold
Yet it is clear, Domme is severe
Determined to keep Her stronghold


21 September

Well, surprisingly, slave t has proved his dedication to chastity and has exceeded four weeks, quite good for his first go at it. Release date may be close, but then again it may not……hehe

Hope is waning, Domme is gaining, power through strict subjugation.
Once rampant snake, forced to forsake, pleasure through incarceration.
Proving Her point, slave to annoint, release might change situation.
Eager to keep, training black sheep, She aims for more deprivation.

Worm is learning, tide is turning
Transformation is almost complete
Locked in its cell, despite nightly hell
Squashed as if by Keyholder’s feet
Held at Her whim, prospect looks grim, for any sign of defeat
When slave toilets, just like a maid, remember to leave down the seat

Chastity the long story 

25 September

Alas, slave t’s chastity journey came to an abrupt end when he had a fall and cracked a few ribs. As he was hospitalised, he removed his chastity device. Lucky he had that emergency key I gave him!

Dear Mistress Dark Rose


Sorry but I had to free myself. Late yesterday i tripped over out in my yard, and fell against the low retaining wall cracking 2 of my ribs. After a hellish night i went to the health centre this morning, and thats when i found out what the damage was. I knew there would probably be x rays involved so i unlocked. Well one part of my body is in heaven, the rest feels like a train hit it. Seems i need to move slowly for a couple of weeks, not much choice really. Well You would have won in the very near future, i couldnt take much more, so its 1-0 to You unless i’m granted an honourable draw.

Yours suffering differently slave t.

Oh dear. Sorry to hear about your accident slave t. But that was one of the reasons I gave you an emergency key. As far as your first foray into chastity I say well done. I didn’t think you would make it as far as you did. And I did enjoy our poetic exchanges. Let Me know how you are feeling about continuing with chastity training when your ribs are better. Cheers MDR

28 September

Ribs are aching, but cock’s making, the most of the freedom it craved.
In locked device, convict paid price, stern lessons when it misbehaved.
Bet strict Mistress, enjoyed distress, i suffered for five weeks enslaved.
Setting a course, keen to enforce, repeat of worm downsized and shaved.

Don’t worry, slave t, I am not disappointed. I am actually quite proud of your efforts and devotion (31 days for your first go is well regarded) but I must admit I will miss our poetic exchanges. Get well soon, slave t. I look forward to continuing your journey. MDR


11 November

Slave t plans to make a comeback when his ribs are healed. And it seems he’s been doing his research whilst supposedly “free”.

As Keyholder gets nearer
Her intention is clearer
To cause the worm much distress
Whether gently caressed
Or roughly stripped and womanly dressed
It will once again be the property of your Mistress.

25 November

It seems the tide is turning for chastity slave t, whose ribs are nearly healed. Obviously he must be better, as the taunts resumed. His attempts at cheekiness won’t go unnoticed though, once the Keyholder is in closer proximity……beware!
He even crafted My impending response for Me. Here it is…

Move is complete, there’s no retreat, complete control having you locked.
Order restored, seems you ignored, my determined ways whilst you mocked.
Vanquished by Me, minus spare key, behaving as if you’re shell shocked.
Enforced stripping, now a whipping, and yes you are going home frocked.

Chastity the long story

31 November

Funny how you don’t need a device to be under the control of a Mistress. slave t is very preoccupied with his chastity, even without wearing his device, it seems!

Worm to caress, knowing Mistress, wants to prevent coexisting.
Outlaw is mine, plans to confine, will see Your target resisting.
Ruthless intent, at appointment, enslaved if You keep persisting.
Macho defeat, locking complete, driving home with knickers twisting.


6 December

slave t continues to taunt his Mistress, with updates on his recent purchases of nasty chastity devices. He’s just bought a set of Kali’s teeth at My suggestion, yet has made no attempt to see Me again before I relocate to the Gold Coast in a few weeks.  Watch out then, slave t. You’ll have NO excuses then.

Cage Mistress likes, punishing spikes, Her pleasure cannot be disguised.
A huge defeat, controls complete, worm must remain still and downsized.
Got to visit, slave must submit, just hopeful term might get revised.
Error for sure, fetters secure, Domme’s leading me out feminised.





16 December

I can sense slave t’s apprehension at the prospect of Me moving to the Gold Coast. The date is fast approaching when he will be back in his chastity device (the one of My choosing) having been trimmed, feminised and frocked for his recent taunts.

I wonder which one I will choose next, the Holy Trainer or Kali’s Teeth?

Chastity works, Keyholder smirks, slave shudders as She is seated.
He’s in trouble, wicked double, worm downsized and balls maltreated.
Awesome mission, full submission, Mistress want all rights depleted.
Striving to please, subdued with ease, shameful tests often repeated.


Torment and pain, efforts to gain, freedom can sometimes get heated.
Intent stays strong, appeals are wrong, each visit sees him defeated.
Teaser who mocked, forcefully frocked, tied until whippings completed.
Yielding once more, going home sore, no sign of keys She secreted.

Suspense is a Mistress’ greatest weapon so I’m not going to tell you how this story ends or continues. Thanks for your interest.

Chastity the long story


The Pros and Cons of Long-Term Chastity (Men)


Improved focus and productivity: By removing the distraction of sexual desires, men who wear long-term chastity devices can focus more on other aspects of their lives, such as work, hobbies, and personal growth.

Increased intimacy: Chastity devices can create a stronger sense of intimacy between partners, as the wearer becomes more attentive to their partner’s needs and desires.

Sexual exploration: Chastity devices can encourage sexual exploration and experimentation, as both partners must find new ways to experience pleasure without relying on traditional forms of sex.

Heightened arousal: The longer a man wears a chastity device, the more sensitive and aroused they become, leading to more intense sexual experiences once the device is removed.



Physical discomfort: Long-term chastity devices can cause discomfort, chafing, and even pain, especially if the device is not properly fitted or worn for extended periods.

Erectile dysfunction can be a common side effect of long-term chastity. The inability to achieve or maintain an erection can occur due to the lack of sexual stimulation and release over an extended period. It’s essential to discuss potential side effects with a healthcare professional before engaging in any long-term chastity play.

Emotional distress: Some men may experience emotional distress or anxiety due to the loss of control over their sexual desires and the inability to engage in sexual activity.

Health risks: Wearing a chastity device for extended periods can increase the risk of urinary tract infections, skin irritation, and other health issues.

Relationship issues: If not discussed and agreed upon with both partners, the use of a long-term chastity device can cause issues in the relationship, such as resentment or feelings of neglect.


It’s important to consider these pros and cons carefully before deciding whether long-term chastity is right for you or your partner. Communication, consent, and proper fitting and hygiene of the device are key to a positive and healthy experience.  Erectile dysfunction is a “biggie” and something I address through rehabilitation work during the chastity process.  If you think you can “go the distance”, message Me for an appointment.





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