Chastity slave – Mistress Dark Rose – Gold Coast

Mistress Dark Rose re-posts from Her private Gold Coast dungeon….

Well, surprisingly, slave t has proved his dedication to chastity and has exceeded four weeks, quite good for his first go at it.  Release date may be close, but then again it may not……hehe

From: slave t
Date: 20 September 9:10:23 am AEST
Subject: Four weeks.

Full submission, ruthless mission, no mercy from wicked Mistress.
Uneven match, no escape hatch, grip tighter than hydraulic press.
Limits to test, signs of unrest, will see hopes of freedom regress.
Lessons to learn, tables wont turn, its Keyholders right to oppress.


On Saturday, 19 September, 22:58, MISTRESS DARK ROSE wrote:
Domme will decide the appointed date
To see slave and determine the worm’s fate
Four weeks does feel like a long time
Though Keyholder is yet to define
What She feels is sufficient time.  
On Saturday, 19 September, 12:34, MISTRESS DARK ROSE  wrote:
Domme’s determined to keep the worm shut in
A release date possible only at Her whim
Habit’s form easily after time passes
And the serpent finds comfort in its new home
Struggles less disturbing as time moves on
The certainty of Her will well known.  
On 18 Sep, at 4:13 pm, slave t wrote:
Four weeks dueling, its been grueling, sure glad i kept persevering.
Oppressive grip, begins to slip, now that release date is nearing.
Unlocked serpent, with Dommes consent, escaping Her domineering.
Repeat the term, will remains firm, no more foolish volunteering.
chastity slave mistress dark rose