Wow! What an awesome first time!

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her Aspley dungeon……

Another appreciative first timer wrote this

“Thank you Mistress, for such an awesome experience.  I’d procrastinated for months about seeing a mistress, it’s been burning me for some time, but I didn’t know what to expect.  I’d see vids on femdom and researched bdsm stuff on the internet so I had some idea of what turned me on, but I never expected the range of experiences you gave me for my first time.  The flogging was an intense sensation, but not too severe that it left any marks, and the idea of being restrained made me nervous, but you were very reassuring, showing me how quickly you could undo those ropes if I got panicky.  Once you blindfolded me, I felt like I was in a different world, and didn’t even notice the ropes.   Then the stuff you did to my cock and balls, I can’t even BEGIN to describe how amazing it all was.  I’ve never experienced such sensations before, you had my toes curling.  It’ll be a long time before I forget how awesome it was.  And when you said our next session would be even more intense, I can’t wait to see what you have in store for me my next time around.  I am your grateful slave.  s”

Funishment at FIXation – Mistress Dark Rose hosts “Dinner and Dungeon” experience for slave m’s special birthday treat

Dear Mistress

“Testi-moan-ial”  hehe

Thanks once again for such a brilliant birthday session.

Starting out with a severe flogging took my breath away, but it was wonderful.
The paddles came next, but the spiked one really got my attention.

Nasty New Zealand pegs had me begging for them to come off, as soon as they went on.  I guess you used your crop to flick them off to speed up the process (lol). Spiked gloves and that wicked, wicked spikey roller just blew me away.

The ball kicking had me on the floor so fast it wasn’t funny, but all present had a great laugh at my feeble attempts to take a few high kicks.  The ball crusher was great too.

The nipple and cock vacuum tubes were a huge hit with the guests.

Loved the metal arse spreader, too. It did its job, widening me out enough for the electric butt plug. It was big, painful but wonderful.  Added to the “sounding”, it was perfect CBT.  I loved the way you kept changing the settings, all the while turning it up. You played me like a scream producing machine, to everyone’s amusement.

We had such a great night. If i have forgotten anything, it is because it was just a huge “fun-fest” from start to finish.

Miss D and our guests had such a great time, and we also learnt a lot along the way. i learnt that i could take a lot more than i thought, when the atmosphere is right and the Dommes are having fun; and they are not interested in my pleading words, just reading my body reactions and judging just how far i could be taken.

Once again, thank you for a wonderful time.

slave m (for Miss D) May 2015



Mistress Dark Rose reminisces about Her first visit to Hellfire Club

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private Aspley dungeon……

Who’d have guessed, when I made My first tentative step into Hellfire Club as a Mistress back at the beginning of 2010, where things would lead?

I remember being in complete awe of the first Domme I saw trampling Her slave on stage, stunningly dressed in a heavily buckled black PVC dress with thigh high black fetish boots to match.  I can still picture it to this day. 

I’ve attended many playful and sociable nights at HFC since then, enthusiastically dragging My girlfriends and anyone else who was interested along with Me.  Here’s one of those chilly August nights back in 2010, on one of HFC’s many themed nights. 

These days, it’s Me taking the stage, often co-topping with other playful Dommes, or introducing newbies to their first public BDSM experience.  I am sure The Fiend is happy for the reprieve.  Kudos to him, he’s been the Dungeon Master at HFC for over 22 years now – total respect. 






Cross-dressing fun with Mistress Dark Rose in Her Aspley dungeon

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private Aspley dungeon…

A fun session recently with a hedonistic client who wants to try everything on, then try everything.  And didn’t he know how to strike a pose in some tasty lingerie and fetish boots!  He’s a natural.  Special thanks to his girlfriend, who chose Me to be his Mistress. 

I can’t wait to see what we get up to on his next visit!  I have a few surprises up My sleeve, naturally!



Confusion reigns supreme!

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her Aspley dungeon…….

I came across this ad recently.  If anyone can tell me exactly what message they were trying to convey, please let Me know.  Here’s how it reads

“Teach the dirty girls a lesson. Show them who’s in control. Or we will show you!!!!

Just Call (number)

Calls charged $3.96 per minute.

Discreetly billed to your phone account”



Why choose Me to be your Mistress?

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her Aspley dungeon…….

Why choose Me to be your Mistress?

First do no harm.  That’s Rule No 1 in BDSM.

Rule No 2 is “safe, sane and consensual”. 

Mistresses who are experienced in this lifestyle know and practice these rules.  There are no exceptions. 

Why take the risk with dodgy “pretenders” when an EXPERIENCED Mistress can tailor a unique, satisfying and memorable session for you?

Ask yourself these questions when deciding on which Mistress to trust with your naked, restrained and vulnerable self….

  1. Does Mistress have a website – is She serious enough about Her profession to have invested time and money in Her business?
  2. Does She have photos?
  3. Is She discrete, will my privacy be protected?
  4. Does She have a dungeon?
  5. Is Her dungeon well-equipped?
  6. Is She skilled?
  7. Does She have credibility / longevity in this lifestyle?
  8. Is She mature, intuitive and responsible?

Looks have nothing to do with your personal safety.  If your so-called “Mistress” can’t answer yes to these questions, then by all means, go ahead – take a chance.   If you want some pretty little “BDSM friendly” escort who might give you a spanking or worse, tie you up or attempt sounding with something she bought at a sex shop, go right ahead. 

If they don’t take their business seriously, why should you?




Slave training with Mistress Dark Rose

slave training mistress darkrose

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private dungeon……

What an awesome night at Ozfet last Saturday.  Especially so for slave m, whose second training session was done very publicly – no cosy heated dungeon for him second time around.

Took him out on a leash and showed him who’s Boss.  First time nudity jitters were quickly put to rest.  Red bottoms are commonplace at the play parties I attend.

Why not come to see Me to experience My style of FUNishment for yourself?

I can promise you it will be challenging, but you will leave feeling a great sense of relief that your kinky itch has been scratched, and you served your Mistress well, probably even better than you expected lol

Check out My services page or text Me to make a time 0n 0499 978 955

Cheers, MDR

slave training mistress darkrose

Here’s what one of My lovely slaves had to say about his first experience….

Awesome experience, thank you, Mistress!  I admit I was pretty apprehensive when I arrived at Your place and saw all that equipment in Your dungeon, but You made me feel at ease quickly.  Your friendly attitude gave me the confidence to try new stuff, and I am glad I did.  I lost all track of time and space, and was swept away by all those new sensations (yes, some pretty intense, but no more than I could handle).  At the end of it, I felt like I’d been in ecstasy for hours, and there wasn’t a mark on me.  But the memory will burn for a long time.  Thank you again, Mistress.  I can’t wait to see what You have in store for me on my next visit.  You are a true professional.



Loving the lingerie – Mistress Dark Rose dungeon expose


slave r at a recent visit to Mistress Dark Rose’s Aspley dungeon….

Who doesn’t love the feel of a sissy’s ankle when you are fastening a rope around a sheer stockinged leg? And black lace panties are always a good choice, especially as they leave the butt nicely exposed for paddling and caning.  Thanks to slave r for allowing Me to use this pic, but then again, I am the Mistress so he really didn’t have much choice. 


Nipple torture with a seasoned sissy

Mistress Dark Rose at work in Her Aspley dungeon again – thanks to sissy p for allowing Me to use these……

What a lovely session yesterday – sissy stockings, spanking, caning and nipple torture.  And what a seasoned diehard nipple slut you are, sissy p!  Next time I’ll have to get carpenters’ clamps.  Can’t wait!