slave t finally succumbs to chastity – Mistress Dark Rose sends him home locked snugly in the Holy Trainer

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private Aspley dungeon….

At last, after all his ministrations, slave t FINALLY succumbed to My power and went home snugly locked in his chastity device, the Holy Trainer, a terrific light and almost fool-proof device I purchased recently at Black Rabbit Premium Leather (thanks Alex!). 

Here’s a little pictorial history of how things went today

Ready to start, restrained so no backing out now, slave t


Shaved with a pretty pink ladies trimmer – how appropriate!


A little ball-stretching and electrical stimulation to liven things up and make your last release a memorable one

Your last release over and done with – better start counting the days until your next one, slave t.  It may be quite a while!

Your little worm’s new home – nice tight fit, isn’t it?  It’ll be tighter when your little worm wakes you up tomorrow morning, won’t it? 







sissy p’s special request for 200 strokes from Mistress Dark Rose

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private Aspley dungeon…

Sissy p wrote Me a lovely request just prior to his visit today.  It reads

Hi Mistress

Thank You for seeing me today.  I have been very naughty and my bottom needs a heavy 200 beatings with your paddles, canes and whips, while You treat my nipples badly with whatever You wish to use.  I am looking forward to wearing the latex stockings You showed me recently and a pair of stiletto heels…..your anal slut, sissy p.

Who could resist such a polite request? 



Changes to booking arrangements for Mistress Dark Rose – new clients – evening and extended sessions

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private Aspley dungeon….

Alas, too many time-wasters have infringed on My business of late, prompting Me to require deposits from new clients to secure some types of bookings, specifically evening and extended sessions. 

Why do this, you ask?

As most of you know, I’ve operated My business for years now based on trust.  My clients trust Me implicitly, and know only too well the value of My time.  And yes, I appreciate genuine new clients will be slightly inconvenienced, however no more so than missing out on a session with Me because some stupid loser booked their spot.  Once you’ve spent time in My presence, however, you will know that it was well worth it. 

Sometimes I think people have the impression I don’t have to do anything for a session except walk down My stairs!

As My regular clients can attest, I painstakingly prepare for every session – each one is tailored to suit a diverse range of expectations, which I always strive to achieve, if not surpass.

I also have to make arrangements in My personal life to accommodate My clients, especially same-day and short notice bookings, like buying meals for My family and paying My child’s babysitter.  I’ve recently had many occasions where I’d paid sitter’s fees for My child, come home to prepare for a client, only to have to turn around less than an hour later and collect her because the “no-show” didn’t materialise. 

Hence the minimum $50 non-refundable deposit for evenings and extended sessions, which will be deducted from your first session fee. 

If you fail to attend, at least My sitter’s fees are covered. 






Unsolicited advertisement for Mistress Dark Rose

I came across this supposed “advertisement” today when I did a Google search.   Some mob called found My ads and did a pathetic “cut and paste” job to promote their own site, without My knowledge.

While I’m the first one to admit I have a penchant for shameless self-promotion, I baulked at the poor use of grammar.

They say even bad publicity is publicity, but that’s no excuse for bad grammar or spelling.  Call Me old fashioned, but I have standards…..

Here’s how it was put together…….Naturally, I contacted them to remove it. It took some persistence, but it’s now gone.  Good riddance!

Evil Mistress Dark Rose

Professional dominatrix will take you on a journey you’ll never forget… Fully equiped dungeon just 20 mins from Brisbane’s centre….
I will respect your tastes and limits, you dont’t have to worry about nothing.
Text me for more info and bookings


Rubber fun with Mistress Dark Rose in Her private Aspley dungeon

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private Aspley dungeon…..

I ADORE latex and had such fun with My rubber toy today!  His suit (which I chlorinated for him to make it easier to put on) has a built in gas-mask, perfect for breath control.  After sounding, I hooked up the E Stim with the new metal cock rings I just bought from Black Rabbit Premium Leather (thanks Alex!) and a nice leather ball weight hung on a rope over the end of the bed for a little ball stretching.  I do love My profession. 


Relaxation dungeon style with Mistress Dark Rose in Her private Aspley dungeon

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private Aspley dungeon…

Nothing beats an hour or so in an inflatable latex body bag for a bit of relaxation.  Unless of course it’s with breath control and a lovely E-stim butt plug. 

You are totally restrained, compressed, helpless, your vision blacked out and your hearing diminished.  All you can hear are the strains of your own breathing.  You can’t hear when Mistress turns up the intensity on Her electrical device, but you can FEEL it.  You don’t know what’s going to happen next. 

Ah the trepidation!

To Her great delight, you’ve surrendered total control to your Mistress.

Mistress Dark Rose – wives and partners send their man-sluts to Me for training

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private Aspley dungeon….

I had a session on Friday with a man-slut whose wife had chosen Me for his training.  This is happening more often – he was the fourth in as many weeks.   What kind of trend am I setting? 

I asked all of them why their wives had chosen Me, and here were some of the reasons….

  • I look “real”
  • I was a mature experienced lifestyle Dominant, and
  • I categorically state in My website description that I don’t have sex with clients.

There are other advantages for wives and girlfriends to send their man-sluts to Me for training.  I teach them humility.  I also have a huge range of toys so when hubbie finds something he really likes, you can buy one for yourselves.  This saves wasting money at sex shops as I’ve already done the hands-on research for you.  Black Rabbit Premium Leather is My preferred supplier. 

Here’s a little sample of the toys I used for Friday’s session….


Are you ready to be trampled? Under the heels of an experienced playful Mistress

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private Aspley dungeon…

One of My many trampling clients urged Me to write an advertisement/blog specifically for trampling. He’s been doing this for years and told Me there are few Mistresses who have My true expertise or interest in this fetish. As a lifestyle Dominant, trampling and foot dominance come naturally for Me.

My private dungeon is well equipped, heated and located about 20 minutes north of Brisbane’s CBD.

My other specialties and fees are listed on the Services page of My website

Discretion and safety assured.

If you want to experience what it’s like to be under the heels of an experienced, playful and intuitive Mistress, call Me today.

Mobile 0499 978 955



Mistress Dark Rose providing Adult Baby Diaper Lover ABDL services in Her Aspley home

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her Aspley dungeon….

You may think it strange that a BDSM Mistress, who is predominantly into bondage, discipline, torture and humiliation, has any interest in nurturing the “little one” in you.  On the contrary, Sadists are by nature very caring people.

I have raised three children (mostly on My own) and My maturity and mothering skills are the very things which set Me apart from the wannabes.  Ask yourself these questions…….

  • How can a 20 year old be a credible “mummy”? 
  • How can someone with virtually no life skills, let alone fetish experience, be intuitive and nurturing? 
  • Could you really “let go” and hand yourself over to another child for a play date? 

That’s exactly what it would be – a play date. 

Being a lifestyle Dominant, I have experience of many fetishes, including ABDL.  I have a private home with a discrete service, where you can really relax, get away from the stresses of the everyday world and just be the little one many of us have long forgotten. 

Call Mistress today to make a time for a play date.  0499 978 955