Another happy client

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private dungeon……


Another happy client (even though I thought him a bit of a wuss lol).  He writes
Hi Mistress,
Thanks for being a gracious host this Arvo. Probably been ten or fifteen years since my last session. Apologies for being a woos, fantasy is much less painful than I knew from the first cane stroke, that I was in the wrong place. Witnessing the cane being administered on your own bottom was a highlight to me. Standing/ bending whilst side on and next to the mirror, watching the action unfold, in real time…so so cool. Especially cool considering its made the top five, in the wank bank section of my
I also loved checking out the stripes with you in the mirror…my lilly white arse, had welts raising whilst crimsoning before our very eyes. Being able to see how much of a swing you took and the speed generated… mesmerising. You kept asking if I was ready, there was never any chance of me being surprised…I was watching you like a hawk.
The way I mark up, there could be a new career for me as a bottom model..I might have to put my blossoming foot model career on hold and re-evaluate.
Thanks again Mistress Dark 🌹.


Even though I’ve been a lifestyle and Pro Domme since 2008, people still surprise Me.  I honestly didn’t expect to hear from this client again, as he seemed disappointed during our session.  I realised after receiving his message that his disappointment wasn’t focused at Me, but rather his lack of tolerance.  In My experience, if you’re masochistically inclined, you need to be doing it on a regular basis to keep your pain threshold up.  Even the most die hard pain sluts started light and worked their way up. 

I’m a Sadist, perfectly suited to test your limits.

Text Me to make an appointment 0499 978 955


BDSM Dungeon Mistress Brisbane

When I hire out My dungeon, My presence as Dungeon Mistress is a given.  I’ve invested significantly in both My equipment, My space and My reputation and expertise over the past fourteen years.

Co-topping is a fantastic experience for all involved.  Here’s what one of My recent Mistresses had to say about Her/their first time in My dungeon………….

I can’t thank you enough for allowing me and my slave access to your wonderful dungeon recently. He certainly was overwhelmed by the sheer size and all that amazing equipment. I must admit, not having a dungeon of my own, I was a little wary of the experience too, but you put us both at ease so quickly, we felt like old friends. Having you guide me through basic restraint, sounding and CBT really has boosted my confidence with my slave. Also your wicked sense of humour, suspense and timing really heightened the experience for both of us, with unexpectedly pleasant results. And the time just flew! We are looking forward to treating ourselves again soon. Thank you so much.

BDSM introductory workshop

Are you and your partner interested in BDSM but not sure where to get started? I’m an experienced lifestyle and professional Dominatrix with over fourteen years experience is this wonderfully dark world.

I offer Introductory and advanced BDSM workshops in My Brisbane northside dungeon.

When I was first introduced to kink by My partner, I had no idea where to start.  He worked away a lot and I was left to My own devices to research, socialise, explore and (most importantly) practice My newly learned skills.  My first ever experience was a visit to Hellfire Club, a wonderful kinky institution for first timers and long termers alike.

bdsm introductory workshop brisbane

My BDSM introductory workshop will cover integral areas of communication, consent, and safety, and give you the chance to try out toys and techniques (rope, light bondage, flogging, crops, paddles, prostate play and CBT) under My skilled supervision.

You need to be either in or considering a Dominant/submissive relationship or you already have a play partner.

Email Me at or SMS Me to register your interest on 0499 978 955

Mistress Dark Rose

Here’s what one couple had to say about My training…..

Dear Mistress Dark Rose

I can’t thank you enough for allowing me and my slave access to your wonderful dungeon recently.  He certainly was overwhelmed by the sheer size and all that amazing equipment.  I must admit, not having a dungeon of my own, I was a little wary of the experience too, but you put us both at ease so quickly, we felt like old friends.  Having you guide me through basic restraint, sounding and CBT really has boosted my confidence with my slave.  Also your wicked sense of humour, suspense and timing really heightened the experience for both of us, with unexpectedly pleasant results.  And the time just flew!  We are looking forward to treating ourselves again soon.  Thank you so much.

Mistress K and slave b

Mistress Dark Rose returns to Brisbane

After nearly five years at the Gold Coast, Mistress Dark Rose now writes from Her Brisbane north side dungeon…….

I’ve returned to My first home, Brisbane, with all its kinky and dark pleasures. I changed My hair colour but the biggest change is My dungeon, which is NASTIER than ever! Conveniently located in Hendra, My brand of pain is now widely available to anyone devoted to suffering at My hands lol MWAH AH AH


Mistress Dark Rose returns to Brisbane

And here’s a lovely message from a client I saw YEARS ago…..

Dear Mistress Dark Rose
I just wanted to reach out and thank you. We had a session in October 2018 and it was a key experience for my spiritual journey.
I remember, I was a mess when I arrived… I was late and scared… you were really ‘gentle’ and in hindsight should have handled me much tougher…
However, we opened a channel and I received messages which since then changed my life. It was your guidance and assistance which aided to open these channels. I just wanted to thank you for this precious service and gift, even though it has been more than two years since we met. Since our paths crossed, I had more profound channeling experiences and I remembered ‘my’ name in a dream a couple of nights ago. It reminded me to reach out to you and thank you for helping me on my path.
I am still in New Zealand and currently I won’t be able to visit Australia but I hope that our paths will cross again… (it is probably not a secret that I am not a natural sub but it would be a great honour to have another session with you one day where I can stand tall, fully surrendering to you knowing who I am and that I can take on anything).  m





Expectations – Mistress Dark Rose Brisbane

expectations mistress dark rose

Expectations – Mistress Dark Rose Ph: 0499 978 955

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private dungeon…….

I was overjoyed when asked by a couple to be part of their intimate ritual.  It seems he loves being caned and gets extremely aroused.  Scenarios were discussed, arrangements made, date and time set.  The canes unveiled, admired, chosen and wielded, with gusto.  And yet, the intimate part of the ritual didn’t eventuate.  One can only surmise the apprehension of a visiting a formidable Mistress with Her substantial cane collection proved a bit overwhelming.  Add to that a few strokes of My Singapore cane, enough to daunt the hardiest of cane-lovers…..

Alas, session shortened, money refunded, couple on their way to rethink strategy.  Mistress encourages them to return to fulfill the experience.

The moral of this story – sometimes it does you no good to build something up too much in your mind.  I make a living breathing life into My clients’ fantasies, mostly with pleasant and surprising results.  But there are some times you can overthink a situation/scenario to your detriment.  It’s disappointing for Me too, as a Mistress who loves what I do and relishes in providing My clients with a unique and memorable experience.


I am happy to report My clients came back for another go – six beautiful cold cane strokes.  Love My work!


Chastity slave – Mistress Dark Rose – Gold Coast

Mistress Dark Rose re-posts from Her private Gold Coast dungeon….

Well, surprisingly, slave t has proved his dedication to chastity and has exceeded four weeks, quite good for his first go at it.  Release date may be close, but then again it may not……hehe

From: slave t
Date: 20 September 9:10:23 am AEST
Subject: Four weeks.

Full submission, ruthless mission, no mercy from wicked Mistress.
Uneven match, no escape hatch, grip tighter than hydraulic press.
Limits to test, signs of unrest, will see hopes of freedom regress.
Lessons to learn, tables wont turn, its Keyholders right to oppress.


On Saturday, 19 September, 22:58, MISTRESS DARK ROSE wrote:
Domme will decide the appointed date
To see slave and determine the worm’s fate
Four weeks does feel like a long time
Though Keyholder is yet to define
What She feels is sufficient time.  
On Saturday, 19 September, 12:34, MISTRESS DARK ROSE  wrote:
Domme’s determined to keep the worm shut in
A release date possible only at Her whim
Habit’s form easily after time passes
And the serpent finds comfort in its new home
Struggles less disturbing as time moves on
The certainty of Her will well known.  
On 18 Sep, at 4:13 pm, slave t wrote:
Four weeks dueling, its been grueling, sure glad i kept persevering.
Oppressive grip, begins to slip, now that release date is nearing.
Unlocked serpent, with Dommes consent, escaping Her domineering.
Repeat the term, will remains firm, no more foolish volunteering.
chastity slave mistress dark rose

Tales of the Spanking Sisters – a gift from slave d for Mistress Dark Rose

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private Aspley dungeon…..

Another delightful visit from slave d this week, who gifted Me with sharing one of his wicked short stories.  Picturing Annastacia Palaszczuk giving Bronwyn Bishop and her twin sister a double spanking on live TV was highly entertaining.  Here it is….




Premier Brenda was livid with anger, and her staffers and advisers had retreated to the 13th Floor of the State Offices Building, where her triskaidekaphobia kept her at a safe distance.

Since the last election, which had brought her to power with a shaky majority, Brenda had been shocked by the scandals that the media had uncovered regarding Members of her own party, ranging from drink- driving to bribery and corruption.

So it was no surprise when the latest outrage to emerge, involving her most trusted political allies – Saffron and Scarlet, the Member for Rockvegas  –  had caused her to go ballistic.




The worst day in the lives of the Spanking Twins had dawned

peacefully as the sisters breakfasted on the balcony of the luxurious


riverside villa they stayed in when they were in Brisbane.

    “It looks as though Kevin’s drink-driving charge will cost him his seat in Parliament,” chuckled Saffron, as she spread caviar paste on her French toast … “

    “… and Hilary will probably do some serious jail time over her tax evasion scam, laughed Scarlet, who was perusing the news on her I-Phone.

    The wicked twins’ enjoyment of their friends’ misfortunes was interrupted by the blaring of the special phone that Premier Brenda insisted that every one of her Members carry with them at all times in case she wanted to summon them.


    “It’s like this, girls,” the furious Premier snarled through gritted teeth as she made her favorite Member of Parliament stand like two naughty children in front of her desk.

    “My contacts in the media have informed me that yet another scandal is headed my way, and that, this time, it involves your not-so-good selves.   

    “I understand that that palace you live in is rent-free because you helped the owner get a fat government contract. And that the five-million dollar grant to build a Cultural Centre in Rockvegas was wasted on a clubhouse for your Spanking Club. Did you think that no one knew that your study tour of Hungarian infrastructure was spent on visiting every spanking club in Budapest?”

    Scarlet and Saffron’s pretty faces turned white with horror as they realized that they were in even more desperate strife than Kevin and Hilary.

Just as they were about to blame each other for the mess, Brenda went on.

    ” You can expect at least five years behind bars for all this …

    “… or you can report to Channel Eight in time for the 7:30 News tonight. “


    The management of Channel Eight were not happy with the sudden

change to their News format that the Premier demanded; but Brenda soon persuaded them to see her point of view.

    Popular newsreader Barbara explained to shocked viewers that the

Member for Rockvegas had admitted to some very serious offenses and that they were about to be disciplined on-air by the Premier herself. (Parents were advised to use discretion.)


    Brenda had decided to cane the bottoms of the Spanking Twins using a position she had once seen in a collection of nineteenth-century photos of Parisian life.

    One of the unhappy ladies (wearing nothing but television make-up) would be crouched on her hands and knees while her sister stood astride her on the floor of the studio, leaving all four buttocks exposed and vulnerable.

    While the three ladies had been in their chairs in the make-up room, it had been decided that Saffron and Scarlet would each receive six strokes in turn from the fearsome cane Brenda had brought with her. Saffron had suggested that the twins could signal when they were ready for each stroke by rising up on their knees if they were in the lower position and on their toes if they were the upper victim.

    Phyllis the make-up lady was given the privilege of deciding which sister would take which position. Not even Bruce, the Sports Reporter who was to compere the event, would know which twin was which in the double arrangement.


    Meanwhile, the twins’ friends Cindy and Jane were watching their ordeal on the giant screen in the Rockvegas Spanking Club’s $ 5 000 000 clubhouse.

    “Bruce should stick to calling the cricket! ” sniffed Cindy. “He knows nothing about spanking! “

    ” He should just say nothing,” added Jane.

    ” Oops! There goes the first stroke. Did you hear that yelp, Cindy?”


“I heard the swish too, Jane. There goes the second cut. And she made more of a howl than a yelp.

    “Now the other one has lifted up – and there it goes – Yelp!

    The two friends enjoyed another  three yelps and four howls, before the ordeal of the Spanking Twins was over. As the Premier made a short address to the people of Queensland promising  better conduct from their Members of Parliament in future, and weather girl Sandy sprayed cold water on the twins’ striped bottoms, Jane and Cindy turned off the television and opened a bottle of champagne.


    The next morning, Saffron and Scarlet resumed their leisurely breakfast routine, somewhat disappointed that their spectacular spanking marks were already starting to fade.

    Taking her lovely head out of the morning paper, Saffron noticed that Brenda’s approval rating had shot up 20% as a result of her decisive handling of the latest corruption scandal.

    “Yes, Saffy,” Scarlet agreed, “but our personal rating went up even higher, according to Newspol. Brenda has agreed that we’re too popular to be kicked out of her party.”

    “Does that mean that if she found out about our plan to replace the free milk to school children with flavored water, she would …”

    “… probably give us a seat in Cabinet,” finished Scarlet, as the twins’

evil laughter echoed over the riverside.


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C is for corporal punishment – Mistress Dark Rose loves to cane

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private Aspley dungeon…..

Everyone knows how much I love caning.  I do have a very nice collection, ranging from narrow switches to My beautiful 4 foot Singapore canes. 

slave c loves caning too – being on the receiving end, that is!  hehe


Needles and pins – delight Mistress Dark Rose

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private Aspley dungeon……

Another delightful client over the weekend, who was lucky enough to actually catch Me at home to see Me for a lengthy session of slave training and CBT.  He’d been carrying My advertisement around for nearly a year – I was pleased that he plucked up the courage – finally – to contact Me.  And he was suitably rewarded for his efforts. 

In the middle of his electrical play, he asks whether I have any needles.  “Do I have needles!” I exclaim.  “Only a drawer FULL of them! What size and where would you like them?”  And here was the result, what I like to call “needles and pins”…..

Look out slave t – Mistress Dark Rose approaches

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private Aspley dungeon……

I can sense slave t’s apprehension at the prospect of Me moving to the Gold Coast.  The date is fast approaching when he will be back in his chastity device (the one of My choosing) having been trimmed, feminised and frocked for his recent taunts.  I wonder which one I will choose, the Holy Trainer or Kali’s Teeth?

Here’s his latest message

Chastity works, Keyholder smirks, slave shudders as She is seated.
He’s in trouble, wicked double, worm downsized and balls maltreated.
Awesome mission, full submission, Mistress want all rights depleted.
Striving to please, subdued with ease, shameful tests often repeated.
Torment and pain, efforts to gain, freedom can sometimes get heated.
Intent stays strong, appeals are wrong, each visit sees him defeated.
Teaser who mocked, forcefully frocked, tied until whippings completed.
Yielding once more, going home sore, no sign of keys She secreted.