Newbies and diehards alike

Newbies and diehards alike mistress brisbane

As an experienced BDSM Mistress and Sadist, I encounter people of all ages and backgrounds to play with.

Establishing that first connection leads to a uniquely memorable experience for My clients.  I’m able to do that because I am a consummate professional and a good communicator.  I can put people at ease within minutes of first meeting Me.  It’s not a gift – it’s a skill I’ve worked hard on over the years. And I’ve done it because I’m altruistically by nature.  I want everyone I meet to be better for having spent time with Me.

newbies and diehards alikeI love this lifestyle – I love the energy and fun that comes from a sensual dynamic with another person or couple.  Co-topping is one of My favourites – it’s so gratifying being able to give back to this amazing lifestyle.  I never stop learning. I’m always keen to know more and learn from others (and My own experiences, of course).  It’s a hedonistic way of life, and so much fun! Who would want it any other way?

Whether you’re a diehard maso or a newbie with few notions of what to expect, our first encounter will be memorable and tailored to what presses your buttons.  That is, unless you leave it to My devices.  Then you’ll be challenged and impressed by how well you served your Mistress.

I won’t leave any physical marks on you (unless it’s agreed), but you won’t forget your time with Me

Text or email Me today to come and test yourself…


0499 978 955

Hendra – 9 to 9 daily by appointment

Newbies and diehards alike mistress brisbane

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