Genuine BDSM Mistress Brisbane

genuine bdsm mistress brisbane

Why choose to see Me when there are so many pretty little things out there who look better in latex and are prepared to do watersports, toilet training, body worship?

What makes Me such a brilliant Pro Domme?

genuine bdsm mistress brisbaneOne of My longstanding clients (who first saw Me in 2015) told Me I offer the best value for money of any Mistress he’s ever seen.  Why?  Because I don’t waste time doing things he can do with his partner in his everyday life.  BDSM is a specialty – it’s taken Me years to hone My skills and follow My natural inclinations and enthusiasm for this amazing lifestyle.

I’m a genuine lifestyle Dominatrix and Sadist, not a sex worker with a couple of toys.  My tools are My intuition, maturity, My sense of fun and suspense.  Knowing that, My focus is still heavily swayed towards safety and consent, leaving no marks (unless they are agreed, of course).  Instinctively I know how to push your limits, but My style will leave you feeling satisfied that you pleased your Mistress and your “itch” has been scratched.

My well equipped dungeon is located in My home in Hendra.  It’s discreet, close to the city, gateway arterial, airport, easy parking and I’m available most days between 9am and 9pm.  I don’t work late or do outcalls as I like My clients to get the full benefit of being in My dungeon, with everything at My fingertips, neither of us worn out from a long day.

I see plenty of “pretty little things” come and go over the years, advertising exorbitant rates, demanding 50% deposits (which don’t appear to be easily refundable).  A lot of them overcharge as they have to book someone else’s dungeon to impress.  Sometimes it’s not a case of “getting what you pay for”.  I could write a book about past experiences My clients have shared with Me over the years with visits to so-called “Mistresses” – scary stuff.

At the end of the day, everyone has the right to hang up a shingle and charge what they wish – just make sure they deserve your trust.

TEXT Me for your next genuine, value-added BDSM experience

0499 978 955

genuine bdsm mistress brisbane

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