Another happy dungeon client

another happy dungeon client

another happy dungeon client for Mistress Dark Rose.

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private dungeon……

Another happy client (even though I thought him a bit of a wuss lol)
mistress dark rose
  Thanks for being a gracious host this Arvo, Mistress. Probably been ten or fifteen years since my last session. Apologies for being a woos, fantasy is much less painful than I knew from the first cane stroke, that I was in the wrong place. Witnessing the cane being administered on your own bottom was a highlight to me.
Standing/ bending whilst side on and next to the mirror, watching the action unfold, in real time…so so cool. Especially cool considering it’s made the top five in the wank bank section of my
I also loved checking out the stripes with you in the mirror…my lilly white arse, had welts raising whilst crimsoning before our very eyes. Being able to see how much of a swing you took and the speed generated… mesmerising. You kept asking if I was ready, there was never any chance of me being surprised…I was watching you like a hawk.
The way I mark up, there could be a new career for me as a bottom model..I might have to put my blossoming foot model career on hold and re-evaluate.     Thanks again Mistress Dark 🌹
mistress dark rose dungeon

 I specialise in “intensity”

Even though I’ve been a lifestyle and Pro Domme since 2009, people still surprise Me.  I honestly didn’t expect to hear from this client again, as he seemed disappointed during our session.  I realised after receiving his message that his disappointment wasn’t focused at Me, but rather his lack of tolerance. 

In My experience, if you’re masochistically inclined, you need to be doing it on a regular basis to keep your pain threshold up.  Even the most die hard pain sluts started light and worked their way up. 

another happy dungeon client


Benefits of seeing a Pro Domme

If you are interested in exploring BDSM, seeking out the services of a Pro Domme can have several benefits…


  1. Expertise and Experience: A Pro Domme is typically highly experienced in BDSM and can provide guidance and support to help you explore this world safely and consensually. They can also provide a safe and controlled environment in which to experiment with BDSM activities.

  2. Clear Boundaries and Consent: Pro Dommes are experts in setting and respecting boundaries and obtaining explicit consent. This can help ensure that your experience is safe and respectful, with clear guidelines established from the beginning.

  3. Reduced Risk: Pro Dommes are generally well-versed in safety practices and can help mitigate the risks associated with BDSM play. They can also provide emotional support during and after the session.

  4. Discretion and Privacy: Pro Dommes are typically discreet and can provide a private and confidential setting for your BDSM exploration.

It’s important to note that BDSM should always be consensual and safe, regardless of whether you choose to see a professional or explore with a partner. If you do decide to see a professional, make sure to research and choose someone who is reputable, experienced, and prioritizes safety and consent.


As well as being a longstanding Lifestyle Mistress and Pro Domme, I’m a Sadist – perfectly suited to test your limits.



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