Another happy client – praises for Mistress Dark Rose

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private dungeon…….

Another happy client. 

Thank u from your sensitive slave ro, for your careful & considered therapy on Wednesday – your increased intensity stretched the old fella beyond his comfort zone on only his second visit. Your ball stretching, truly outstanding☺. MDR – more than a wicked nom de plume!! Will txt u again before Xmas for further therapy.

Gruelling treatment for truant school boys – Mistress Dark Rose and Mistress Aleena are sticklers for corporal punishment

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private dungeon……

I recently acquired an old school desk to add to My perverted collection, much to the delight of slave i, who booked a lengthy double session some months back.  Everything came together just in time, as he had not actually described his fantasy in any detail until the day before his appointment.

Luckily My wicked cohort, Mistress Aleena, picked up the truant little schoolboy before he managed to get too far, tethered him on a leash and brought him immediately to My dungeon for four hours of gruelling punishments, including corner time, writing lines, restraints of various kinds, figging (with freshly peeled ginger), cold showers, electro torture and judicial caning.

I think We demonstrated well the effectiveness of corporal punishment for errant “schoolboys”…..

Expectations outweigh performance, it seems, as Mistress wields Her Singapore cane again

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private dungeon…….

I was overjoyed when asked by a couple to be part of their intimate ritual.  It seems he loves being caned and gets extremely aroused.  Scenarios were discussed, arrangements made, date and time set.  The canes unveiled, admired, chosen and wielded, with gusto.  And yet, the intimate part of the ritual didn’t eventuate.  One can only surmise the apprehension of a visiting a formidable Mistress with Her substantial cane collection proved a bit overwhelming.  Add to that a few strokes of My Singapore cane, enough to daunt the hardiest of cane-lovers…..

Alas, session shortened, money refunded, couple on their way to rethink strategy.  Mistress encourages them to return to fulfill the experience.

The moral of this story – sometimes it does you no good to build something up too much in your mind.  I make a living breathing life into My clients’ fantasies, mostly with pleasant and surprising results.  But there are some times you can overthink a situation/scenario to your detriment.  It’s disappointing for Me too, as a Mistress who loves what I do and relishes in providing My clients with a unique and memorable experience.



The beauty of cruelty – one of Mistress Dark Rose’s favourite writings

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private Aspley dungeon……

I came across this writing today from a long time submissive – it resonated well with Me, so I thought I would share……

In my experience, many ProDommes aren’t truly cruel. This is not to say that they aren’t extremely dominant and don’t deliver great sessions. Most do. But I think real cruelty is relatively rare. I love experiencing it, the sense I feel that the Domme not only enjoys hurting and humiliating me, but that she craves doing so, that cruelty is at the core of her being just as submission is at the core of mine. And though she may be cruel, she is in control, respecting limits and never inflicting serious injury.

It’s hard to define what constitutes cruelty. It’s not the fake mocking laughter you often hear in session by which the Domme tries to convince you she is amused by your reactions to pain. It’s not her unconvincing claims that raising welts on your skin is making her hot. The cruel Domme doesn’t do any of that. I think it’s just something you feel, a special vibe. It manifests itself in attitude, the way she wields her whip and cane, her facial expression, a certain twist of the mouth and gleam in the eye. I find it beautiful.  gregor

Here’s the link –

Devotion to Mistress Dark Rose shines through – slave t’s planning a comeback

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private Aspley dungeon…….

Slave t plans to make a comeback when his ribs are healed.  Here are our most recent exchanges…..


On 28 Sep 2015, at 5:01 pm, slave t wrote:

Ribs are aching, but cock’s making, the most of the freedom it craved.
In locked device, convict paid price, stern lessons when it misbehaved.
Bet strict Mistress, enjoyed distress, i suffered for five weeks enslaved.
Setting a course, keen to enforce, repeat of worm downsized and shaved.
On Friday, 25 September 2015, 22:14, MISTRESS DARK ROSE wrote:
Oh dear.  Sorry to hear about your accident slave t.  But that was one of the reasons I gave you an emergency key.  
As far as your first foray into chastity I say well done.  I didn’t think you would make it as far as you did. And I did enjoy our poetic exchanges.  
Let Me know how you are feeling about continuing with chastity training when your ribs are better. 
Cheers MDR 

On 25 Sep 2015, at 4:20 pm, slave t wrote:

Dear Mistress Dark Rose
Sorry but I had to free myself.  Late yesterday i tripped over out in my yard, and fell against the low retaining wall cracking 2 of my ribs.  After a hellish night i went to the health centre this morning, and thats when i found out what the damage was.  I knew there would probably be x rays involved so i unlocked.  Well one part of my body is in heaven, the rest feels like a train hit it.  Seems i need to move slowly for a couple of weeks, not much choice really.  Well You would have won in the very near future, i couldnt take much more, so its 1-0 to You unless i’m granted an honourable draw.
Yours suffering differently slave t.


On Thursday, 24 September 2015, 23:48, MISTRESS DARK ROSE <> wrote:
Worm is learning, tide is turning
Transformation is almost complete
Locked in its cell, despite nightly hell
Squashed as if by Keyholder’s feet
Held at Her whim, prospect looks grim, for any sign of defeat
When slave toilets, just like a maid, remember to leave down the seat

On 21 Sep 2015, at 4:54 pm, slave t wrote:

Hope is waning, Domme is gaining, power through strict subjugation.
Once rampant snake, forced to forsake, pleasure through incarceration.
Proving Her point, slave to anoint, release might change situation.
Eager to keep, training black sheep, She aims for more deprivation.


On Sunday, 20 September 2015, 22:57, MISTRESS DARK ROSE wrote:
Four weeks running, Serpent’s cunning, has not escaped Mistress’ hold
Nightly swells won’t relent
Worm stayed in torment
Waits for release date to unfold
Yet it is clear, Domme is severe, determined to keep Her stronghold

slave t-s chastity journey ends suddenly after five weeks of devotion to Mistress Dark Rose

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private Aspley dungeon…..

Alas, slave t’s chastity journey came to an abrupt end when he had a fall a few days ago and cracked a few ribs.  As he was hospitalised, he removed his chastity device.  Lucky he had that emergency key I gave him!

Don’t worry, slave t, I am not disappointed.  I am actually quite proud of your efforts and devotion (31 days for your first go is well regarded) but I must admit I will miss our poetic exchanges. 

Get well soon, slave t.  I look forward to continuing your journey.  MDR


Appreciative comments for Mistress Dark Rose

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private Aspley dungeon…….

I do love what I do, especially when I get messages like these…….


Awesome experience, thank you, Mistress!  I admit I was pretty apprehensive when I arrived at Your place and saw all that equipment in Your dungeon, but You made me feel at ease quickly.  Your friendly attitude gave me the confidence to try new stuff, and I am glad I did.  I lost all track of time and space, and was swept away by all those new sensations (yes, some pretty intense, but no more than I could handle).  At the end of it, I felt like I’d been in ecstasy for hours, and there wasn’t a mark on me.  But the memory will burn for a long time.  Thank you again, Mistress.  I can’t wait to see what You have in store for me on my next visit.  You are a true professional.

slave r 23/9/2015

Mistress, thanks again for an amazing experience.  I’ve visited lots of Dommes in the past, and am so glad I’ve now found someone close to home who is really genuine and professional.  Please don’t move.

slave c 25/9/2015

Do Pro Dommes charge too much – here’s MY response

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private Aspley dungeon……

In a recent fetlife forum for fellow Dommes, I was incensed to add my comments in response to complaints that we charge too much. 

Here it is

I gave up My day job at the beginning of this year and have invested over $25k in My business in the past year. If that’s not worth paying for, they can go somewhere else. You get what you pay for in life.

I have an awesome well-appointed dungeon with everything at My fingertips. I don’t do out-calls as I don’t believe in getting clients to pay more for less. I also spend about 99% of My time with clients restraining My naturally sadistic inclinations, so I suffer for My art. I love what I do, and I think it shines through.

Sadly there are heaps of “pretenders” out there to earn a quick buck. It’s a free world, why not? What pains Me most about them is not the fact they are taking money out of My pocket, it’s that most of them are dangerous, and leave genuine clients with a less than favourable outlook on this awesome lifestyle.



Mistress Dark Rose provides sage advice to new submissive

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private Aspley dungeon…..

I like to help people explore and immerse themselves in this wonderful world of BDSM, so I recently answered this advertisement in a local forum.

extremely submissive attractive 23yo, wanting to feel degraded and humiliated.
very few limits.
any ideas?

Here was My response…

Hello s

Why don’t you try joining Fetlife? It’s free and there are lots of groups you can join and meet kinksters with similar interests. There are social events listed in Brisbane and no doubt you will be contacted by lots of masters looking for an attractive sub.

The web address is If you join, search Places to find events and munches (social gatherings, usually lunch or drinks in local pubs or restaurants) that you can attend. There are lots of workshops if you’re interested in being a rope bunny etc. People are always looking for willing subs. As always though, be safe and trust your instincts.

Yours in kink

Mistress Dark Rose

I never got any acknowledgement so I don’t know whether she followed My advice or not.  Either way, it isn’t important.  I’ve learned over the years that you can give the most sage advice, but it’s up to the individual as to what they do with it.  Everyone has a choice.  Even doing nothing is a choice.  

Such considerate slaves – what a lucky Mistress I am!

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private Aspley dungeon……

I am a lucky Mistress, to have such devoted and considerate slaves.  Even slave c, who couldn’t attend My recent CFnm luncheon, couldn’t help but send a lovely follow-up message.  

Hi Mistress,

I hope the tea party went well, I couldn’t get out of work early and I had to have my son straight after work too.

Seems harder and harder to get to events with shift work and being a single dad, lol.

Hope to drop by one day and check out your new place, the pics look great.

Be good and well done on the pro dom venture, I’m sure you will keep those lads in line.

slave c


Don’t worry, slave c, I’m hosting another one in three months, so we’ll make sure you get your cute little toochie to that one.