The Spanking Sisters tale

the spanking sisters tale

the spanking sisters tale from one of My slaves.

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private Aspley dungeon…..


Another delightful visit from slave d this week, who gifted Me with sharing one of his wicked short stories.  Picturing Anastacia Palasczuk giving Bronwyn Bishop and her twin sister a double spanking on live TV was highly entertaining.  Here it is….





Premier Brenda was livid with anger, and her staffers and advisers had retreated to the 13th Floor of the State Offices Building, where her triskaidekaphobia kept her at a safe distance.


Since the last election, which had brought her to power with a shaky majority, Brenda had been shocked by the scandals that the media had uncovered regarding Members of her own party, ranging from drink- driving to bribery and corruption.

So it was no surprise when the latest outrage to emerge, involving her most trusted political allies – Saffron and Scarlet, the Member for Rockvegas – had caused her to go ballistic.

The worst day in the lives of the Spanking Twins had dawned peacefully as the sisters breakfasted on the balcony of the luxurious riverside villa they stayed in when they were in Brisbane.

“It looks as though Kevin’s drink-driving charge will cost him his seat in Parliament,” chuckled Saffron, as she spread caviar paste on her French toast

“and Hilary will probably do some serious jail time over her tax evasion scam,” laughed Scarlet, who was perusing the news on her I-Phone.

The wicked twins’ enjoyment of their friends’ misfortunes was interrupted by the blaring of the special phone that Premier Brenda insisted that every one of her Members carry with them at all times in case she wanted to summon them.

“It’s like this, girls,” the furious Premier snarled through gritted teeth as she made her favorite Member of Parliament stand like two naughty children in front of her desk.

“My contacts in the media have informed me that yet another scandal is headed my way, and that, this time, it involves your not-so-good selves.

“I understand that that palace you live in is rent-free because you helped the owner get a fat government contract. And that the five-million dollar grant to build a Cultural Centre in Rockvegas was wasted on a clubhouse for your Spanking Club. Did you think that no one knew that your study tour of Hungarian infrastructure was spent on visiting every spanking club in Budapest?”

Scarlet and Saffron’s pretty faces turned white with horror as they realized that they were in even more desperate strife than Kevin and Hilary.

Just as they were about to blame each other for the mess, Brenda went on.

” You can expect at least five years behind bars for all this or you can report to Channel Eight in time for the 7:30 News tonight. “

The management of Channel Eight were not happy with the sudden change to their News format that the Premier demanded; but Brenda soon persuaded them to see her point of view.

Popular newsreader Barbara explained to shocked viewers that the Member for Rockvegas had admitted to some very serious offenses and that they were about to be disciplined on-air by the Premier herself. (Parents were advised to use discretion.)

Brenda had decided to cane the bottoms of the Spanking Twins using a position she had once seen in a collection of nineteenth-century photos of Parisian life.

One of the unhappy ladies (wearing nothing but television make-up) would be crouched on her hands and knees while her sister stood astride her on the floor of the studio, leaving all four buttocks exposed and vulnerable.

While the three ladies had been in their chairs in the make-up room, it had been decided that Saffron and Scarlet would each receive six strokes in turn from the fearsome cane Brenda had brought with her. Saffron had suggested that the twins could signal when they were ready for each stroke by rising up on their knees if they were in the lower position and on their toes if they were the upper victim.

Phyllis the make-up lady was given the privilege of deciding which sister would take which position. Not even Bruce, the Sports Reporter who was to compere the event, would know which twin was which in the double arrangement.

the spanking sisters tale

Meanwhile, the twins’ friends Cindy and Jane were watching their ordeal on the giant screen in the Rockvegas Spanking Club’s $ 5 000 000 clubhouse.

“Bruce should stick to calling the cricket! ” sniffed Cindy. “He knows nothing about spanking! “

” He should just say nothing,” added Jane.

” Oops! There goes the first stroke. Did you hear that yelp, Cindy?”

“I heard the swish too, Jane. There goes the second cut. And she made more of a howl than a yelp.

“Now the other one has lifted up – and there it goes – Yelp! “

The two friends enjoyed another three yelps and four howls, before the ordeal of the Spanking Twins was over. As the Premier made a short address to the people of Queensland promising better conduct from their Members of Parliament in future, and weather girl Sandy sprayed cold water on the twins’ striped bottoms, Jane and Cindy turned off the television and opened a bottle of champagne.

The next morning, Saffron and Scarlet resumed their leisurely breakfast routine, somewhat disappointed that their spectacular spanking marks were already starting to fade.

Taking her lovely head out of the morning paper, Saffron noticed that Brenda’s approval rating had shot up 20% as a result of her decisive handling of the latest corruption scandal.

“Yes, Saffy,” Scarlet agreed, “but our personal rating went up even higher, according to Newspol. Brenda has agreed that we’re too popular to be kicked out of her party.”

“Does that mean that if she found out about our plan to replace the free milk to school children with flavored water, she would probably give us a seat in Cabinet,” finished Scarlet, as the twins’ evil laughter echoed over the riverside.

Special thanks to slave d

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The beauty of cruelty

the beauty of cruelty

the beauty of cruelty from a long term submissive.

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private dungeon……

I came across this writing today from a long time submissive – it resonated well with Me, so I thought I would share……


In my experience, many Pro Dommes aren’t truly cruel. This is not to say that they aren’t extremely dominant and don’t deliver great sessions. Most do. But I think real cruelty is relatively rare. I love experiencing it, the sense I feel that the Domme not only enjoys hurting and humiliating me, but that she craves doing so, that cruelty is at the core of her being just as submission is at the core of mine. And though she may be cruel, she is in control, respecting limits and never inflicting serious injury.

It’s hard to define what constitutes cruelty. It’s not the fake mocking laughter you often hear in session by which the Domme tries to convince you she is amused by your reactions to pain. It’s not her unconvincing claims that raising welts on your skin is making her hot. The cruel Domme doesn’t do any of that. I think it’s just something you feel, a special vibe. It manifests itself in attitude, the way she wields her whip and cane, her facial expression, a certain twist of the mouth and gleam in the eye. I find it beautiful.  gregor


Here’s the link –

the beauty of cruelty


Why the appeal?


The appeal of seeing a cruel Mistress can vary depending on the individual.

Some people may find the power dynamic of a dominant woman over them to be arousing and exciting.

Others may find pleasure in the pain and humiliation that a cruel mistress can inflict upon them, as it can be a way to explore their own limits and desires.

Additionally, some people may be drawn to the sense of surrender and submission that comes with being dominated by a powerful woman.

It’s worth noting that BDSM practices always involve consensual actions and communication between all parties involved.




An earnest and sincere thank You for allowing me to visit You in Your delightful dungeon and for the intense and challenging session. You guided me to experience some sublime sensations, not only of exquisite pain but expansion of my comprehension of pleasure to be experienced when trusting my being to You. I long for the next chapter in this journey and the heights to which you can raise me.  slave s

the beauty of cruelty


Hi Mistress just wanted to say thanks again for the session we had last night. Very much enjoyed beinggreeted by you at first, in your Leather Corset and matching Leather outfit, it really looked amazing. I felt a bit intimidated and nervous at first but then really felt at ease after we had discussed what i wanted in the session.


After being ordered to strip and kneel in front of you and then being naked up on your cross, I really loved having my nipples pegged and then having you go to work slowly at first, flogging and thrashing me until my arse had many welts on it and was nice and warm and pink as you put it.


Then finishing off with the CBT whilst i was shackled hand and foot to your medical bed. Hearing the Leather you were wearing creak and groan as i watched you tease and torture my cock and balls and the anal play was truly heaven.


I very much look forward to seeing you again Mistress!  slave j




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